Engage girls and teenagers in science, technology, arts, engineering, and mathematics to provide vocational guidance.

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We believe that every girl and woman in the world, is connected with one another, and therefore, regardless of age, race, religion, culture or political interests, is invited to generate spaces of recognition, opportunities, diversity and equity to contribute at its maximum capacity, with total vocation and freedom, in the technological industry which has generated the greatest social and economic transformation of our century.

Empower a Geek Girl and sponsorship her curiosity for science, technology, engineering, arts, and math areas. Empower a Geek Girl to contribute with the world sustainable goals, gender equity and reduction of inequalities.

Generación STEAM – Niñas y Niños en Ciencia y Tech

Tech Labs

Training that starts with two intensive days for the inspiration, empowerment and connection of girls with technology and STEAM areas. The training extends for 6 months in a follow-up process through the Geek Girls Clubs. GGTechLab seeks the development of creativity, the impulse to the imagination and the co-creation of experiences based on the use, appropriation and creation of technology that encourages girls to think critically about the use of technology for the closure of digital and gender gaps.
Empower a Geek Girl

Inspiration Days

Geek Girls LatAm connect young girls with women in the tech industry, where they are encouraged, visible, and recognized as a reference for future generations. That is possible trough meetings of inspiration, visibility, empowerment and connection with the industry to achieve this goal.
Niñas y Tecnologia Geek Girls

Tech & Soft Skills

We are creating a new reality and start writing a new story for girls, and women in STEAM areas. We educate in soft skills such the empathy, communication, leadership and sorority, and technical skills to improve the curiosity for be part of tech ans science industries . We believe in a mind free of stereotypes to promove a hope generation.

Steam Forums

We take steam forums to girls and adolescents who are studying their last years of high school, to find inspiration and encourage them to pursue science, technology and engineering careers that are the areas where women currently have a stake lower.