Being a woman in IT: From Competition to Empowerment

  • Next December 14th at 11am Hr COL a GGLtalk fully in English will be adressed to our GGL community in Latinamerica.
  • 6 women leaders of international communities from Colombia, Romania, Hungary, Poland, and Ukraine will be speaking about how is it to be a woman in IT.

Men make up 60% of managers, as per the McKinsey & Company and LeanIn.Org report. Women are trying their best to close this gap. They forge ahead educationally, economically, and professionally by using and creating opportunities for personal and professional development, participating in communities, attending events, and promoting women-led businesses.

So, what’s the downside? There is something that obstructs women from leveraging equal opportunities to thrive. That ‘something’ is covert competition with other men and women. It is especially relevant within the IT sphere. The engineering environment is considered to be challenging because there are 2.5 times fewer women in technical and engineering roles. Of course, the workplace is a competitive environment, but other colleagues may also be the greatest support for women. Moreover, today’s woman must successfully manage her competitive feelings and, at the same time, navigate the competitive aspirations of other people. How to handle it using the following pillars: 

  • Network
  • Communities
  • Inspiration from mentors and role models
  • Self-esteem.

Let’s discuss during our online panel discussion Being a Woman in IT: From Competition to Empowerment’ on December 14 with women leaders of international communities from Colombia, Romania, Hungary, Poland, and Ukraine.

Please, meet our speakers:

  • Joanna Prieto, Co-Founder, and President of Geek Girls LatAm organization. Joanna is an international speaker, coach, and mentor with 250 hours of speaking. Consultant for more than 10 years for different Colombian companies and has received several awards and recognitions in Colombia, Spain, India, Egypt, and the United States.
  • Médea Baccifava, Co-Founder of CraftHub, a Hungarian IT event management company. She has been building up international conferences and hackathons for 4000+ attendees yearly. She has worked in marketing, consultancy, and event organizing in Italy, Singapore, and Hungary.
  • Monika Dęregowska, Account Manager at SoDA Polish association. She was an organizer and speaker at the largest conference for the IT industry in Poland — SoDA Conference 2022, which was attended by five hundred people at the management level.
  • Daniela Mariscu, VP Entrepreneurship at PWN Romania organization. Daniela also holds investments as an angel investor and lead investor in more than 10 companies from various fields. She was a juror in the popular business reality TV series Shark Tank.
  • Anna Doroshenko, VP Technology at Innovecs. Anna has 20 years of experience in the global technology business embracing executive roles in such companies as Microsoft Corporation, EPAM, SoftServe, Luxoft, etc. Her key professional advantages and expertise are business development, product, program and project management, and business consulting.

Ivanna Pidborska, Communications Specialist at Innovecs, will be the event’s moderator. Ivanna has been interviewing women leaders for 3 years. She interviewed celebrities and led her rubric for 1+1 TV, one of the most famous Ukrainian TV channels. Ivanna’s also a creator of the YouTube channel DeYak about famous Ukrainians abroad. 

Being a woman in IT: From Competition to Empowerment meet-up details: 

For whom: Women holding Middle and Senior positions in IT.

How much: free

Where: online on YouTube with prior registration.

When: December 14, at 5 PM (GMT+1).[IP1]   6 PM (GMT+2 – Ukraine),  11 AM (GMT-5 Colombia, the USA), 8 PM (GMT+4 – Georgia, UAE) [IP1] [IP1]

▪ InnoHub — is an online platform for Engineering Leadership development. Our core purpose is to empower collaborative growth and build a community of engineering leaders. We believe engineering leaders are not only those who lead the team, but everyone who develops innovations through everyday tasks as an expert.  

▪ Innovecs — is a global digital transformation tech company. Our teams have been creating digital solutions powered by innovative technologies and incorporating emerging trends for ten years to help businesses transform and grow.

▪ Geek Girls LatAm — is an NGO in Latinamerica that inspires, empowers and connects female talent for the future and the digital economy.

Joanna Prieto
Joanna Prieto
I'm the co-founder and President of Geek Girls Latam. I'm a keynote speaker, coach and professor in Digital Humanism, Education and Gender. I inspire and empower people and organizations to connect their future with purpose. Contact TW @joannaprieto Humanista digital y una creyente del poder de la educación y la tecnología para construir el futuro que soñamos. Contáctame a conversemos en @joannaprieto